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Remark: This article describes Skeletons in the classic Tomb Raider games. For information on other skeletons see, see Skeleton (GoL) Skeletons (ToO).


The Last Revelation

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Undead
Distinctiveness Cannot be killed by normal weapons
Weapons Sword
Weakness Explosive Ammo

The Skeletons are enemies that make their first appearance in The Last Revelation. These enemies, like the Mummies, can not be killed by normal weapons.


Fleshless human's skeleton with a sword and a shield. The skeletons appearing in Pharos, Temple Of Isis and Cleopatra's Palaces that are more lavishly decorated.



The Skeletons are able to maneuver in the surroundings pretty freely and quickly, e.g. they know how to climb and jump and like other undead enemies they cannot be killed with normal weapons.

The best ways to get rid of them is to shoot them off a cliff by using for example the Shotgun. They can also be pushed into traps, like water and spikes by shooting them with some weapon, the shotgun being probably the best one for the job.

Explosive Ammo is another handy way to beat these undead enemies, just like the Mummies. Also, Lara is able to sever their heads from the rest of their bodies using the Revolver with the Lasersight in which case they will run around, not knowing where they are going.

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