Pyramid Guardians

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Pyramid Guardians

The Last Revelation

Classification Demigod
Weapons Sceptre

The Pyramid Guardians are two demigods that Lara encounters in the last levels of The Last Revelation. They safeguard two shaft keys that open the gate to the inner sanctum of the temple, where Lara needs to summon the sun god Horus.

The first one appears in the level Inside Menkaure's Pyramid, the other appears in Khufu's Queen's Pyramids. They attack Lara by firing golden bolts with their sceptres (the bolts can be very harmful). Also if Lara gets out of reach, they will rise their sceptre and fly around until they reach Lara.

Like the Cleopatra's Guards, they can be avoided if you are fast enough to get the shaft key. However there is also a trick which you can use to beat them without taking too much damage. You can get Lara into a position where the demigod is really close to Lara and where he will fire past her but think he is hitting her and continue. You can find a safe spot close to walls or by kneeling at certain spots before him. You can shoot at him from there, while he misses.


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