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Remark: This article describes the Horseman in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation. For information on the demon rider in Tomb Raider Chronicles, see Verdilet.


The Last Revelation

Weapons sword
Weakness A spot on his chest.

The Horseman is an opponent in the Lost Library of Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation. He can be found several times throughout the game, however he is only once atop a horse. The enemy is still basically the same.


The enemy is clad in a bronze suit of armour with a cyan crystal at its chest.



To kill the rider like the walking horseman, you need to get him off his horse first. To do so, you have to hit him a couple of times. As he is holding a shield on the right side, you have to shoot him from the left. Jump backwards and sideways to the left to keep in the line of fire, till you reach the end of the room. Then turn around and get over to the other side as the horseman on his horse will turn as well and the weak spot will then be on the other side. Once he falls of his horse, he can be dealt with like any walking horseman.

Walking Horseman

To kill the walking horseman, you have to hit the crystal on his chest. He will grunt if he's hit. After the first round of hits, his shield will break, that's a sign that you are half-way done. Continue shooting his chest, till he drops.

He can be easily dealt with using the pistols. Just jump constantly backwards while shooting his chest. Once you reach the end of the room, jump over his head, perform a roll and begin shooting his chest again, while jumping backwards. A regular backwards hop should do, if the horseman gets to close for comfort incorporate a real backflip.


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