Creature from the Past

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Creature from the Past
Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Mythical Creatures
Distinctiveness This enemy is immortal (in-game) and will be gotten rid of in a cut scene.
Weapons spits fire

The Creature from the Past is a dragon-like creature that Lara meets in Cairo, in The Last Revelation. The creature guards the entrance to the Citadel in the level Citadel Gate. It can be considered a sub-boss, however as far as Lara is concerned it is immortal, in other words she cannot kill it.

According to the egyptian Soldier Asisah the creature appeared when the sky above Cairo darkened - when Seth started to bring chaos and destruction to the city.

The creature is accompanied by Swarms of Locusts.

By helping Asisah with the Motorbike to reach the Ammunition Truck Lara will be able to continue. Asisah will take the truck, on a suicide mission, straight towards the monster and kill it.


Creature from the Past

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