Knights Templar

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Knights Templar

The Last Revelation

Enemy Type Regular Enemies
Classification Undead
Distinctiveness Can not be killed
Weapons Swords

Knights Templar are enemies in The Last Revelation.

Their corpses are re-animated by Werner Von Croy when he is possessed by Set.


Knights with the familiar Knights Templar clothing, armour and weapons, large swords and shields. Plain darkness shows in their hoods. The Knights Templar move around slowly in a slouched position, dragging their swords along, which makes quite a lot of noise.



The Knights Templar move about rather slowly and they're easy to spot as they make rather a lot of noise by dragging their swords. As the Knights Templar can not be killed, they can not be defeated. However, they're supposed to be tricked into opening the exit from the Citadel by breaking wooden beams.

Just stand in front of the wooden beams until the Knights Templar arrive right in front of you. Wait until they're about to strike and avoid being hit by moving out of the way.

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