Black Scorpions

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Black Scorpions

The Last Revelation

Classification Animals
Weapons venomous stinger

The Black Scorpions are regular sized poisonous scorpions found in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation. The first time they are encountered is in the Temple of Karnak level. They carry a poison that will cause hallucinations and disorientation followed by death if left untreated.

When Lara is stung, her health bar turns yellow, indicating, that she is poisoned. The health bar will then start to continuously run down till it's empty and Lara dies. A Medipack has to be used to stop the effect. When the effects are turned on the screen will also start to wobble and the view gets blurry.

Despite them being poisonous these scorpions are fairly easy to beat.


Weaponshots it takes
Pistols10 bullets - 5 shots
Shotgun (normal)1 shot
Shotgun (widespread)2 shots
Uzis10 bullets (same as pistols)
Grenadegun (Normal Ammo)1 shot (can kill all scorpions in the vicinity)
Grenadegun (Super Ammo)
Grenadegun (Flash Ammo)no effect on scorpions

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