Scuba Divers

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Scuba Divers
Scuba divers.jpg
Classification Human
Weapons Harpoon arrows.
Weakness Can not leave the water.

The Scuba Divers are enemies encountered in in Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask and III. They make their first appearance ever in the Offshore Rig of Tomb Raider II. They are mainly encountered under water, where they are a quite dangerous opponent. They may also surface and shoot Lara even when she's on land, they however are unable to leave the water. They can be quite difficult because they are constantly moving.


These enemies are clad in diving gear (red and black in Tomb Raider II; black in Tomb Raider III) with a diving mask and an oxygen tank on their backs. Their breathing can be heard when they are nearby, giving them away. They carry harpoon guns, with which they shoot Lara.



Whenever possible try to leave the water to shoot them using the Pistols or a more effective weapon than the Harpoon Gun. When there is no way out, use the harpoon, try turning in their direction before firing shots.

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