Giant Spiders

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Giant Spiders
Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Animal, Spider
Distinctiveness Albino, red eyes, spikes on abdomen, as big as Lara (in Tomb Raider Underworld)
Weapons Fangs, jumping on Lara, slashing her with their sharp legs
Weakness Sensitive to kicks and any weapon

The Giant Spiders are enemies in several of the Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Games. This larger version of the Tarantulas occurs first in Tomb Raider II. They can also be encountered in some of the Custom Levels. The Giant Spiders can be killed normally, but depending on the game, there are few things one should know about them.


Tomb Raider II

The giant spider is encountered in the China Section. The origin of this version is unknown. They probably mutated over time.


In Tomb Raider II there are only five of the Giant Spiders. Despite their large appearance they are quite weak, attack rarely and do relatively small amounts of damage. The Uzis kill them quickly, although any weapon will work.

Custom Levels

In Custom Levels you may also encounter them, they look the same as in Tomb Raider II but are usually much more aggressive and often poisonous due to the fact that they are remodelled Scorpions, however, they tend to be weak against the Revolver.

Tomb Raider Underworld

The spiders encountered in Tomb Raider Underworld have come into contact with an unnatural source, causing their mutation. They occur in the Southern Mexico and Jan Mayen Island Section.

(Southern Mexico)
(Jan Mayen Island)

Beneath the Ashes

(underneath Croft Manor)


Featured in Tomb Raider Underworld and its add on Beneath the Ashes, these Giant Spiders are pretty hard. These spiders, if they were to stand on their hind legs would be as tall as Lara herself. Capable of jumping, biting, and shooting webs, these rather large arachnids are deserving of a good squish.

While any weapon will work on the Giant Spiders, their biggest weakness is that they get no chance to attack Lara when she kicks them once in a while, they need a certain time to regain balance, in which usage of the Pistols is recommended. Once they regained their orientation it's time for another well timed kick. The Spear Gun and Sticky Grenades are also rather effective against the Giant Spiders.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lara Croft GO

In Lara Croft GO the large spiders act differently. They will move every time Lara moves. She has to use tricks to avoid them and occasionally trap them on platforms she then isolates by moving them sideways, up or down. They are first encountered in The Maze of Stones, in the sub-chapter Through the Web.


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