Guardian of the Kingdom

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Guardian of the Kingdom
Guardian tr2gold.jpg

The Golden Mask

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Mythical Creatures
Weapons Arms
Weakness Low maneuverability

Guardian of the Kingdom (often referred to as Bird Monster) is an enemy in The Golden Mask. It belongs to the class of Mythical Creatures.


The Guardian of the Kingdom is one of two Bird Monsters Lara encounters during her adventures. The second encounter is with the Guardian of the Talion, in Tomb Raider II, where a differently coloured (black-white) bird creature guards the Talion.


The appearance of the Guardian of the Kingdom is very much like the one of the Guardian of the Talion encountered in the Ice Palace in Tomb Raider II, except for that it is a dark golden colour instead of grey, and wears some golden armour.



As the attacks are the same as those of the Guardian of the Talion (swinging its powerful arms), it is recommended to shoot at the Guardian using a powerful weapon, and to keep Lara moving and out of reach.

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