Inuit Warrior Spirits

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Inuit Warrior Spirits

The Golden Mask

Classification Regular Enemy
Distinctiveness Harmless unless Lara shoots at them

The Inuit Warrior Spirits (also Ice Warriors) are enemies in The Golden Mask.

They become visible once Lara collects the Mask of Tornarsuk. Later throughout the game Lara will only encounter the living Inuit Warriors.


These creatures are crystalline and seem almost transparent. It is likely that these are restless spirits of the visible Inuit Warriors.



Like the Barkhang Monks in Tibet they are harmless as long as you do not harm them. Be careful not to shoot them by accident. They are hard to see, so don't shoot if you do not know what Lara is aiming at.

They will help you against the armed killers in this level. So it's clever to let them do the dirty work and stay out of the line of fire.

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