Flamethrower Guys

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Flamethrower Guys
Flamethrower tr3.jpg

Tomb Raider II

The Golden Mask

Tomb Raider III

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Distinctiveness Harmless during the level RX-Tech Mines in Tomb Raider III
Weapons Flamethrowers

Flamethrower Guys are enemies in Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask and Tomb Raider III.



As the Flamethrower Guys tend to be in areas without water, it means that getting hit by the flames is fatal. They have a long range, which makes them very dangerous. So, try to take them out from a safe distance, and be quick. Using a more powerful weapon than the ordinary pistols is recommended.

In Tomb Raider III, during the level RX-Tech Mines, try not to shoot the Flamethrower Guys: they'll help you to deal with the Mutant Scientists. In the end of the level Meteorite Cavern, however, the Flamethrower Guys turn hostile.


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