Mutated Fishes

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Mutated Fishes

The Lost Artifact

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Mutant
Weapons Teeth

The Mutated Fishes are enemies in The Lost Artifact.


Light grey colouring with dots, similar body type than the one of crocodiles.



Since there aren't many platforms to climb onto in the level Sleeping with the Fishes, you can either kill them with the Harpoon Gun or try to avoid them.

Similar Enemies

Enemies that the Mutated Fishes resemble
Fishes that appear in Tomb Raider II
Harmless fishes that just swim around in the level Area 51 in Tomb Raider III
More common enemies that appear in Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask, The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider Underworld
An enemy that apears twice in The Angel of Darkness

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