Jeep Commander

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Jeep Commander
Trl jeep commander 2.png
Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Weapons Armed mercenaries

The Jeep Commander is a vehicle driven by Lara's foes in Tomb Raider Legend.


A jeep loaded with armed mercenaries.



The Jeep Commander is defeated when Lara has shot the mercenary firing from it. Just keep driving the motorcycle to a good distance and shoot, but beware the Jeep Commander as it starts to lose control of its direction after the mercenary has been shot. Crashing with the jeep can be lethal.


Similar Enemies

A grenade firing Jeep from The Last Revelation

From the official Site

Lara and her foes employ realistically modeled Jeep vehicles in numerous action sequences and cinematics that take place in regions all over the globe. Jeep vehicles and Lara Croft go hand in hand. The rugged determination and go-anywhere-handle-anything qualities shared by both Jeep vehicles and Lara Croft make an unforgettable partnership between the two.

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