Amanda Entity

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Amanda Entity

Tomb Raider Legend

Enemy Type Main Boss
Distinctiveness Can't be killed normally
Weapons Energy bolts
Weakness Excalibur

The Amanda Entity is an enemy and the main boss in Tomb Raider Legend

It is a combination of Amanda Evert and the Unknown Entity.


A dark, fast-moving creature with purple glow.



In Bolivia - The Looking Glass Amanda Evert, angered about the death of her lover James W. Rutland Jr., takes in the powers of Wraith Stone, combining herself with the Unknown Entity. Lara has to battle her using the Excalibur.


The Amanda Entity is able to throw powerful energy bolts and teleport quickly to another spot. It's also capable to heal itself and fly.


Try not to let the creature out of you sight, but do keep avoiding its attacks by jumping and rolling. Whenever there's a clear shot, blast it with the Excalibur. When the Amanda Entity has lost about a half of it's health, it collapses to the ground, revealing Amanda inside. Quickly run to it and stab Amanda with the Excalibur. Then the creature will rise again, healing itself a bit.

After repeating this a few times, eventually the Amanda Entity will be defeated since each time it heals itself, it'll heal less and less - finally having so little health that Lara is able to kill it.

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