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The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Main Boss
Classification Human
Distinctiveness Cannot be killed normally

Eckhardt is an enemy Lara encounters in The Angel of Darkness.

He is the boss version of Pieter Van Eckhardt.



The black alchemist, Pieter Van Eckhardt, has planned to revive the extinct Nephilim race to glory, and he will not allow anything to stop him. He uses his alchemic powers for murdering people and in the reviving process of The Sleeper. Eckhardt is the head of the Cabal.


Eckhardt is able to teleport and create multiple copies of himself. He can also shoot energy bolts and create waves of fire.


As soon as you gain control of Lara, start to bellycrawl and keep Eckhardt in sight. He'll start to shoot energy bolts, but when doing the bellycrawl Lara shouldn't take much damage. Remember to stay away from the force field that surrounds the battle area. After shooting the energy bolts for a while, Eckhardt will start to create copies of himself. At this point Lara can stand up.

The three Eckhardt-copies will start running to the middle of the battle area, to a small circe. Stay out of their way or Lara will take damage. As the copies go together forming the real Eckhardt, run to him and press Action. If this is done correctly, Lara will stab him with a Periapt Shard.

Repeat this until all of the Shards are used, then a cutscene is launced which shows the death of Eckhardt.

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