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Boaz is an opponent in Angel of Darkness. In the level Boaz Returns Kurtis has to fight this creature.

In the level Bio Research Facility Lara witnessed Eckhardt punishing Kristina Boaz for not killing the Proto Nephilim, like he had ordered. She is eaten by a mutated creature. She returns in mutated form.

Before Boaz attacks Kurtis, Eckhardt sends her the gardener Dr. Grant Müller.

Fighting Boaz

You have to shoot the four flaps on the creature's back.

Don't get stuck in the green slime and don't let Boaz bite you. If you are out of Ammo, you can find some in a corner of the room.

Here's the Ammo!

That's how it's done:

  • Hit Boaz' head with a bullet 4 times. She stops advancing and starts swaying from left to right, she starts spitting green goo.
  • Now make 1 or 2 sidesaults and jump forward to get out of the target zone.
  • At the back of the creature you can see 4 flaps (two on each side), the green goo comes out of there. You have to shoot these flaps. This will only work, when the flaps are opened, when Boaz is spitting goo. Each eliminated flap means less goo.
  • Kurtis will shoot the front ones with no difficulties. To aim at the back ones, you have to change targets with the Roll Button. (PS2: Square, PC: End)

further solutions


Mosquito Boaz

Mosquito Boaz

After beating the first form of Boaz, a second, mosquito form will emerge from the carcass. You have to beat this creature was well. You have to hit her about 30 times. If you have enough ammo, just keep shooting, while retreating backwards and sideways.

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