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Tomb Raider III
Section London
Level No London 2
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 75 minutes

Secrets 5
Location Europe, England, London
Level Chronology:
Thames Wharf Aldwych Lud's Gate

Aldwych is the name of an underground station in London in the game Tomb Raider III.

It was called Strand Station before it was renamed to Aldwych and later shut down.

Lara meets The Damned here, a few Dogs and Rats.

Another danger to Lara are the Underground Trains running here, that hit her, if she's on the tracks.

Keys, Artefact

Weapons found



Notable Riddles


Miscellaneous facts

  • The name "Aldwych" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ealdwic meaning "old settlement". Between the fifth and eighth centuries A.D. Saxon merchants founded a trading post "Lundenwic" outside the Roman city of Londinium on the banks of the Thames[1], possibly to avoid the Roman equivalent of the congestion charge. Eventually, as the focus of the city was moved back to within the old Roman walls, Aldwych gained its new name.
  • During World War 2 in 1940, the operational platform at Aldwych station used as a public air-raid shelter. A second, already disused platform and running tunnel were used to store the Elgin Marbles and other artefacts from the British Museum and other institutions[2].

More Information

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