Snakes (LCGO)

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Lara Croft GO

Enemy Type Snake
Weapons Fangs
Weakness Gunfire

Snakes are an enemy in Lara Croft GO. They are immobile and only attack Lara if she steps on a square right in front of them.

In the November 2015 update The Shard of Life there is an immortal variant that resurrects four moves after being killed if there is nothing else standing on the same square.


The Snakes are red with black stripes on their backs and white on their bellies. There is a distinctive yellow line on their faces between the red upper side and the white underside. They feature fangs and a split tongue.

The immortal variant is purple on the back and golden on the belly. If shot it shatters in to many pieces and slowly reassembles itself.


Snakes are a common enemy throughout the game. They get introduced early as they are somewhat easy to defeat.


The only way for a snake to attack Lara is when she steps right in front of her face. So to get rid of a snake, she has to shoot it from either approaching it the sides or from the back.

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