Shielded Guard

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Shielded Guard
Shielded Guard.png

Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword

Weapons Shield, Handgun

The Shielded Guard is an enemy in the Gameboy Color adventure Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword. These enemies block the path and will attack Lara with their riot shield if she comes too close. When Lara is armed they will also use their handgun to shoot at her.


  • The Museum
They appear in the very first level The Museum, but since Lara is unarmed at the beginning of the level they cause a bit of a problem. On the war machine exhibit map Lara can finally kill one of these enemies using the Cannon Balls with a Cannon.
Aiming the Cannon

Beyond this guard and up the extended ledges Lara will find a Normal Gun, which she will then be able to use against these guards. Two of them are found back in the dinosaur exhibit from the beginning, two levels down using the elevator. When they are faced with an armed Lara, they will use their handguns to shoot at her.