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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Classification Mythical Creatures
Distinctiveness Swarms of these giant beetles will attack Lara and her companions.

Scarabs in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris are giant beetles, unlike the smaller Scarabs found in the older Tomb Raider Games. They appear in swarms and try to attack Lara and her companions.

There are at least several kinds of scarabs in Temple of Osiris:

  • Green Scarabs
  • Large Green Scarabs
  • Flaming Scarabs
  • Large Flaming Scarabs
These Scarabs drag a line of fire behind them. Be careful not to touch the fire, because it burns the characters.
  • Icy Scarabs
  • Large Icy Scarabs
These Scarabs are tailed by a line of ice that freezes anyone who touches them.
  • Poisonous Scarabs
  • Large Poisonous Scarabs
If bitten by a Poisonous Scarab, the player will slowly lose health

These scarabs attack in swarms. They are very fast and can make huge jumps towards their prey. Bombs - especially when their radius is enhanced by rings or amulets - are a good strategy to get rid of them, although any fast firing weapon may suffice since they are not very tough.

Flaming and Icy Scarabs are a bit more dangerous because they leave a trail of fire behind that burns the characters on contact. Rings or amulets with Fire or Cold Resistance may help.

Additionally to being a bit more resilient than the smaller ones Large Scarabs may spawn smaller ones when being killed.