RC650 Assault Rifle

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RC650 Assault Rifle

The RC650 Assault Rifle is a long range automatic weapon in Tomb Raider Legend. It is the most popular weapon in Legend due to the large amount of ammo within the game and its long range.

It is first found in the level Bolivia - Tiwanaku.

The RC650 Assault Rifle fires 5.56mm rounds housed in a synthetic polymer magazine. This weapon sacrifices power and accuracy for range with sustained fire.
In-game information[1]


The rifle has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, with another 4 spare magazines - a maximum total of 150 rounds of ammo for player to carry.

Further Information

This weapon suffers from the low damage each bullets deal and slower rate of fire compare to the SMG. But it is still significant upgrade to the regular Twin Pistols in terms of range and rate of fire.

The Assault Rifle in the hands of Medium Armored Mercenary and Yakuza Goons are equiped with laser aiming sight for sniping. Each shot fired via the laser sight can knock Lara down and take a conciderable amount of Lara's health away.


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