Lizard Men (Bow)

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Lizard Men (Bow)

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Enemy Type Regular Enemies
Classification Human-Animal-Hybrids
Weapons Spears
Weakness Can be killed easily by shooting them

The Lizard Men with Bow are enemies in Lara Croft: Relic Run. They seem to be native to the Jungle Temple level located in Cambodia.


The Lizard Men have humanoid form. They walk on their hind legs and carry a bow with which the shoot at Lara while she runs through the Jungle Temple. They are fast, though, and can climb and swing on parts of the scenery, so they are sometimes tricky to hit.



Any weapon Lara possesses is likely to kill the lizards. Her standard Dual Pistols are typically sufficient to get rid of them.

Similar Enemies

The same type of enemy armed with a spear, instead of the bow.
The same type of enemy shooting fire projectiles.
Found in Tomb Raider Underworld in a similar location.

Further Information

The Nok Thet Mask Relic seems to hint at the origins of the lizard people of this region.