Large Shield Skeleton

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The Large Shield Skeleton is an enemy in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. These enemies carry a shield and have to be either shot in the back, or attacked with Bombs, as otherwise their shields will absorb the bullets. A special kind of this enemy is the fire skeleton.

Related Challenges

  • Kill a large shield skeleton with Apep's spitfire
In the Tomb of the Silversmith one of the challenges requires you to get the boss Apep to kill a large shield skeleton. Apep will be spitting fire at you during this fight. Simply stand in front of or behind the skeleton when he does so and evade so the fire hits your enemy instead. (Note: There were instances where the challenge did not pop when the shield skeleton was damaged by other weapons than the spitfire, even if the spitfire was the killing blow. So to make sure the challenge is completed, try to not shoot or use bombs when attempting this.)