Infected Trinity Soldiers

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Infected Trinity Soldiers
Enemy Type mutated humans
Distinctiveness aggressive melee attacks

The Infected Trinity Soldiers are found in an old abandoned Soviet Weapons Research Facility in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Downloadable Content Cold Darkness Awakened. They are Trinity Soldiers that were infected by an unknown Toxin seeping from the installation and subsequently mutated and developed superhuman strength and reflexes, but lack basic human conciseness.

In the Cold Darkness DLC Lara enters the area of the research facility to prevent the toxin from spreading to the Remnant valley. She is attacked by Infected Trinity Soldiers almost at once.


  • Regular Infected
  • Infected with Riot Shield
These infected are equipped with a riot shield and gear and are thus a little tougher.
  • Infected Grenadiers
Unlike the regular infected these use explosives to get rid of their enemies.


Although still basically human - as they mutated from the regular Trinity Soldiers -, the Infected Trinity Soldiers now more closely resemble some kind of zombies. They have torn off parts of their uniforms and stumble blindly through the Siberian Wilderness. Most have also left their weapons behind and they will viciously attack as soon as they detect any disturbance, using deadly melee attacks.


The Infected Trinity Soldiers can only be found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Downloadable Content Cold Darkness Awakened. The Undead in the Blood Ties: Lara's Nightmare DLC look and behave similar, but they are only a figment of Lara's imagination.


  • Aggressive melee attacks with bare hands
  • Tough to kill with regular weaponry, but weak to Poison Arrows


The best strategy against the Infected is stealth. As long as Lara remains unseen, they are easily killed by stealthy melee attacks, either by sneaking up from behind or with an aerial attack. Another stealthy method to get rid of them is using Poison Arrows or, if you are good at performing headshot, a regular arrow to the head.

At regular intervals a deadly Swarm of Infected will rush towards Lara's location. This event is always announced by Nadia, who is monitoring everything from the helicopter. Again, Poison Arrows are a good strategy to kill as many as possible in one go. Or if they get to close the shotgun will prove useful in keeping them at bay.


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One of the Expedition Cards that increases the number of Infected Grenadiers appearing during a swarm.