Centaur Bosses

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Centaur Bosses

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Mutants, Atlanteans
Distinctiveness The centaurs can not be killed without using the headshot.
Weapons hooves, stone beam

The Centaur Bosses make their appearance in Tomb Raider Anniversary, in the level Greece - Tomb of Tihocan.


  • Shoot at the centaurs until them become enraged.
  • Avoid the Petrifying Beam that they will shoot at you the first round by loosening your focus on them.
  • Again shoot at them till they are angry.
  • Perform a Headshot on the centaur attacking you.
  • Use the Grapple to pull his shield from him. (Will only work after an effective head shot.)
  • Shoot at them till they are angry.
  • When the next petrifying beam comes, quickly pick up the shield and redirect it at the centaur to petrify it.
  • Shoot at the petrified centaur.
  • Again shoot at the centaurs to anger them. The other centaur will storm at you.
  • Perform a head shot on him as well and grab his shield too.
  • Shoot at the centaurs to get them enraged. Redirect the petrifying beams and shoot the centaurs till both have been destroyed.

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