Stone Warriors (Sword)

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Stone Warriors with Sword

Tomb Raider II

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Weapons Sword

The first Stone Warrior with Sword (also Xian Guards with Sword) appears in Tomb Raider II in the Floating Islands. If Lara gets too close to one of them while they are in stone form, the warriors will come to life and attack.


Tomb Raider II

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On the PlayStation you could get rid of them before they came to life, by shooting grenades at them.

This doesn't work on the PC, however you can pre-damage them so they only need one shot after coming to life. Only the spear gun can do that. Shooting them three times with the grenade launcher while still stoned will cause the system to crash.

However, the amount of spears/harpoons needed to pre-damage them is quite a lot. The pre-damage method works best if you have unlimited ammunition from completing the game beforehand.