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Captain Conrad Roth
Born (age 52)
Died 2013
Nationality British
Education Royal Marine Commandos
Occupation Treasure Hunter, Expedition Leader
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Children Alisha (with Reyes)[1]
Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)
Comic(s) Tomb Raider: The Beginning
Voice Robin Atkin Downes

Captain Conrad Roth is a 52-year-old British treasure hunter, commandeering the research vessel Endurance, which shipwrecks with a 21-year-old Lara aboard.



Conrad Roth is an ex Royal Marine. After leaving the military, where he "gained his strength and no-nonsense attitude through two tours with the Royal Marine commandoes", he became a freelance treasure-hunter, focussing on plundering shipwrecks across the globe.[2]

Adventures with Grim

Conrad Roth and Angus Grimaldi tell a story about their adventure in Somalia when they're interviewed for being the new crew in James Whitman's next expedition. They're asked to tell about one of their adventures, as they're been doing expeditions togerther for over twenty years.[3]

Conrad Roth and Angus Grimaldi were "reclaiming a client's personal property" there, and get into a gunfight. Eventually they're locked up into a local prison - or at least into a prison-like facility.[4]

However, Conrad Roth and Angus Grimaldi manage to escape as they spot an unguarded jeep outside and Grim has managed to smuggle a piece of metal that they can use to cut themselves free from their bindings.[5]

Conrad Roth and Angus Grimaldi sum up their adventures in Somalia as follows:

  • Conrad Roth: So then we escaped, got the horse back, stole the jeep, narrowly escaped being shot, stabbed and cut up with a machete.
  • Angus Grimaldi: I'd rate it a seven point day.
  • Conrad Roth: Maybe seven point five.
    Tomb Raider: The Beginning[6]

Meeting Joslin Reyes

Conrad met Joslin Reyes at a bar where Joslin used to go for a drink after work. After a tough day Joslin was there, missing her time at the NYPD, when a man was "making a fuss" at the bar as the bartender stopped serving him drinks, because the man had had enough. Joslin "wasn't in the mood for other people's bullshit", so she "sorted" the fuss the man was making by punching him in the face. The man was Conrad Roth.[7]

As Conrad Roth came to after being punched, he just laughed and admitted that he deserved it - much of Joslin's surprise. They talked with each other and eventually Conrad offered Joslin Reyes a job as the mechanic of the Endurance.[8]

Yamatai Expedition (2013)

When the Endurance is hit by a storm and they are stranded on a mysterious island, he plays an important role in "shaping Lara into a hardened survivor".[9]


After a helicopter crashes down to Yamatai as Lara refuses to leave the others behind, both Conrad and Lara are injured quite heavily. Conrad begins to give Lara first aid and even Cardiopulmonary resuscitation as she seems to not to wake up. Roth won't give up until Lara recovers, which happens after a while. Then Conrad drags Lara away from the helicopter just in time as it explodes shortly after.

Conrad and Lara are ambushed by the Solarii and Mathias. Conrad defends himself and Lara from them, but his pistol eventually runs out of ammunition. Mathias is about to throw a small axe at them, and Roth has no other choice than to sacrifice himself to save Lara. He turns his back at Mathias, covering Lara and protecting her from the hit. With the axe still jutting out of his back, Roth fires at the remaining Solarii members with his another pistol, and eventually he dies.


Roth is perceived as having an intimidating presence. He has a reputation for his intelligence, toughness, and willingness to bend the law, when it comes to claiming a treasure, without showing remorse.[10]

Family and Friends

The relationship between Conrad and Joslin Reyes eventually developed into the point that Joslin[11] got a daughter, Alisha. However, Conrad didn't know that Alisha was her daughter, but he had met Alisha as she cheerfully refers to him as "Uncle Roth".[12] Joslin commented to James Whitman when he asked about Alisha's father that "he wasn't ready to be a parent"[13], secretly meaning Roth.

Lara is very dear to Conrad Roth and he has promised to her father to look after her. Conrad also loved Lara like the daughter that he never had.[14]

Angus Grimaldi is another friend of Conrad's, and they share many adventures together.

Further Information

  • Real Name: Conrad Roth
  • Age: 52
  • Nationality: British (Sheffield/Southern Yorkshire)
  • Occupation: Captain of The Endurance, Freelance salvage and treasure hunter, ex military.
  • Interests: Rock climbing, hiking and wreck diving.

After serving two combat tours with the RMC (Royal Marine Commandos) Roth left the military and put his specialized skills to use as wreck-diver and freelance treasure-hunter. Roth traveled the world, earning a reputation for toughness, competence, and a willingness to bend inconvenient laws restricting traffic in historical artifacts. Those qualities attracted the attention of wealthy private collectors including Lara’s parents. For several years, Roth accompanied Richard Croft on over a dozen treasure-hunting expeditions, acting as a guide and, when necessary, bodyguard.

Roth has modeled his style of leadership on that of his hero, the explorer Ernest Shackleton. The welfare and safety of his crew is paramount to Roth and he prides himself on instinctively knowing who is going to make a good crewmember. He is also a hands-on leader who knows how to boost the morale of his shipmates, have fun and remain both optimistic and realistic.
Endurance Week: Meet the Crew[15]

See Also

Daughter of Conrad Roth and Joslin Reyes
Friend of Conrad's, with whom he has been adveturing togerther for over twenty years
Endurance's mechanic with whom Conrad has a daughter, Alisha
The main protagonist, who has been trained by Conrad and who he loves like the daughter he never had[16]



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