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Remark: This article describes the Deathless, an enemy type in Rise of the Tomb Raider. For information on the Expedition Challenges, see Deathless (Challenge).

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The Deathless or Athanatoi are an Enemy in Rise of the Tomb Raider. They are the guardians of the lost city of Kitezh and consist of members of the old city guard that Jacob turned immortal by the use of the Divine Source.

Lara first encounters the Deathless at the end of the level Rising Tide in the Flooded Archives. Later on she meets them again in the level Into the Hidden City on the Path of the Deathless before entering the Lost City.


The Deathless can also be found in the Endurance Mode Downloadable Content.


The Deathless are a bit more tricky to defeat than the Trinity Soldiers. They are pretty aggressive and come in several different versions:

  • Lightly armoured bowmen
  • Sword fighters
  • Heavily armoured with halberd
  • Heavily armoured with shield

All of them are rather tough but can be defeated with enough fire power. Armour piercing projectiles are preferred. Some of the heavily armoured Deathless - e.g. those carrying shields - are best defeated using the Dodge Counter or explosives like Grenades or Grenade Arrows. They are susceptible to the poison of Poison Arrows as well.